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As The Baker's Wife in INTO THE WOODS (Playhouse on Park)


"Playhouse on Park’s production of 'Into the Woods,' which runs through August 22nd, is enchanting, mysterious, and beautifully sung...the performances are almost uniformly excellent. Standouts include Laurel Andersen, who is completely convincing and charming as the Baker’s Wife (her duet with Cinderella’s Prince, “Any Moment,” is especially well done)..."

Brooks Appelbaum, Connecticut Critics Circle


"The delightful, well-matched Robert Denzel Edwards and Laurel Andersen are completely engaging in their respective roles of the Baker and the Baker's Wife. Given the many levels, emotions, beats and twists they are required to make as the musical's childless couple, these are not easy roles to play. But they get it right every time. Vocally, they sing the Sondheim songs with snap, vigor, passion, and precision. And their reenactment of a childless couple anxious to lift the Witch's curse of infertility (the Witch caught the Baker's thieving father in her garden one night stealing vegetables and six magic beans) is effectively played out from start to finish until a cruel twist of fate changes everything forever. Regardless, we are with them every step of the way."

James V. Ruocco


As Juliet in ROMEO AND JULIET (Match: Lit) 


"In New York City, one expects that any Shakespearean actor will be of a certain quality to begin with, but such was the deep textual knowledge of this cast that they were able to fly through the Bard's words and retain clarity, intelligence and passion...As Juliet, Laurel Andersen shone with hope, even in the face of adversity."

Emily C.A. Snyder, Classical NYC



"The clear bright spot is Andersen, who as the older Helen is loaded with energy and confidence. She shines in the strongest scene when Helen acts out a memorable night at her movie theater job. Andersen mines several needed laughs with her physicality, and she balances that lighter side with undertones of sadness about a world Helen wants to escape."

Jeff Favre, The Daily Breeze


" is Andersen who simply soars as the grownup Helen, just bursting with a blazing talent. Her monologue from the movie theater where she recreates every character in the Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy film is sheer delight." 

Don Grigware, Grigware Reviews 

 As Jacqueline de Severac in MURDER ON THE NILE (The Players Theater)


"Laurel Andersen plays

a terrific scorned lover, creating the three-way controversy of the love-plot.

Evan Seplow, StageBuddy

 As Adam in AS YOU LIKE IT (Hamlet Isn't Dead)

"And last, but certainly faaaar from least, Laurel Andersen...take[s] on the heart-on-his-sleeve Adam, Orlando's faithful retainer.  This role is so easily ignored, since the character slips off into that eternal slumber half-way through the play, but Andersen is the master of making you care.  And Laws' direction for Adam's slow journey across that undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns is tender, sweet, aching and painful."

Emily C.A. Snyder, Classical NYC


 As KATHERINE/CHORUS in HENRY V (Occupy Verona) 

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"Particular stand-outs include Laurel Andersen, doubling the French Princess Katharine with the Chorus.  With clarity, precision, and joie de vivre, Andersen's presence was always welcome on the stage, deftly making a full character out of various herald and French roles to create a princess active in her own kingdom, narrating the events of the play as she experienced them."

Emily C.A. Snyder, Classical NYC

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