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Green Paint Stroke

Laurel Andersen (they/them) is an NYC-based actor, singer, director, playwright, and sometimes-songwriter. 

Originally from the Los Angeles area (they grew up in the South Bay!), Laurel's work with young NYC theatre companies (including Turn to Flesh Productions; Isle of Shoals; Match: Lit; Barefoot Shakespeare; Company of Fools; Infinite Variety Productions; the Tank; Everyday Inferno Theatre Company; Occupy Verona, etc) encompasses both reimaginings/repurposings of classical texts (often to center women and queer people), & the development of new work.

Laurel is a self-described genre nerd who loves fantasy and historical fiction -- especially when it is inclusive of queer folx. They're also a huge sap for stories about friendship, love and the magic in everyday things. And cats. (Cats are definitely magical.) 


Green Paint Stroke

returns for Season 2! 

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Laurel returns as queer cultural anthropologist JODIE in this award-winning comedy web series about an unlikely group of friends surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Season 1 was filmed remotely over Zoom -- Season 2 expands the story's scale and scope and brings the action IN-PERSON!


Learn more at:

Flower Arrangement 4


Green Paint Stroke

Actor Hat: 

Robespierre in THE TRAGICAL HISTORIE OF MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE by Jacob Marx Rice (Workshop, The Fled Collective) 

Vera Claythorne in AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie (The Players Theatre)










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SERIALS at the Flea!.jpeg
Flower Arrangement 5

  • Cast member (in rotating rep) of The Drunk Texts (formerly Drunk Restoration Comedy) 

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Laurel's fantasy-romance play TAM LIN will receive a workshop production with Barefoot Shakespeare this Autumn! Click on the image above for more information, including tickets! 

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